Spotted: Kirke – Meet Me at Sunrise

Spotted: Kirke – Meet Me at Sunrise

Today I’m introducing you to American composer Kirke Bech, or just Kirke! Kirke started playing guitar as a child, and went forward to making electronic music as a teenager.

the piano was always something i used as a compositional and production tool, but i never considered myself a proper piano player, per se. but simply from writing so much music on the piano and listening to so much piano music, i’ve naturally gravitated towards the piano more and more in recent years. 

The song Meet me at sunrise was released as a single on October the 15th of 2019.

Tell us something about your track Meet me at sunrise!
I was living in Berlin this summer, and the flat i was renting had a beautiful old, white upright piano in the living room. While my girlfriend would be writing at the desk, i would play the piano, mostly just as something to do to clear my head after spending hours making beats and producing songs. It was the last morning before i was to leave on a flight to Copenhagen, and i came upon this melody. Right away i knew it was something special so i started recording it. The chord sequence and ostinato came out basically as an improvisation. I had some of the other accompanying melodies in my head, and as soon as I got to Copenhagen i fleshed out the rest of the ideas. It feels lovely to have written this in my last few minutes in Berlin, sort of as a farewell to a city i love, and that i will return to soon.

Thanks Kirke for telling your tale about Berlin!

For more information, check out Kirke’s Spotify!