Spotted: Michael Ottosson – In Circles

Spotted: Michael Ottosson – In Circles

Today I’m introducing you to pianist and composer Michael Ottoson from Sweden. Michael has worked with music in some way for the last 30 years or so, but this last year he decided to try something different. This!

The song In Circles is taken from his debut piano album In time we’ll be. The entire album is recorded in the same order which the songs were written in. In time we’ll be was released late march of 2019.

Tell us something about your song In Circles!
This song is written in one go at the piano. I wanted something of a repetitive motion going on in my left hand. After some bars presenting the chord progression, the melody kicks in. Much in the same way as the chord motion, the melody repeats itself and stay quite calm. “In circles” is, like the rest of the album, meant to express an inner longing of keeping things small and easy. 
In contrast to a lot of my previous work, this music tells it all just by being what it is. A felted upright with two microphones. I feel like it resonates with me a lot more and hope it does for the listener as well. The up-close microphones also captures all the mechanical sounds and overall flaws of the performance, which I believe adds to the whole thing. 
Life is sometimes running ‘in circles’ and sometimes we need to just sit down and simplify things. I hope this song, and album, will help people do just that.

Thank you Michael for this song, and this album!

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