Spotted: Midtro – Wonderland

Spotted: Midtro – Wonderland

Today I want to introduce you to Midtro, or Kevin Odnoralov which is his real name. Kevin is an American composer and producer based in Denver, Colorado, USA.

Firstly, tell us about how you came up with your artist name!
There was a time when I was trying to put together a structure for an album. I had an intro track but I needed something in the middle. I ended up naming the middle track “midtro”. Basically Middle and Intro in one word. The deeper meaning I find behind Midtro is this: Things in our lives may seem like an introduction to us, but God has already been there (in the middle of it) looking out for us and for our well being. 

Tell us about the song Wonderland!
One of my favorite pieces on The Winter Melodies EP is Wonderland. I wrote it on Thanksgiving Day. At my parents home they had a beautiful Christmas tree with gorgeous ornaments hanging of the sides and a humble baby grand piano next to it. I was really inspired by the feeling of Christmas and everything that comes with it, including the snow. And so Wonderland was written then and there.

Tell us about the EP!
I’ve always had a love for winter. It brings such warmth and the feeling of home to my heart. I really wanted to release some music that captures the emotions I feel during the winter season. And so I named my EP “The Winter Melodies”.

Thank you for this wonderful song Kevin! Please check out these social links for more information:
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