Spotted: SØLYS – Winter

Spotted: SØLYS – Winter

Today I want to introduce you to Canadian artist SØLYS and his latest release Winter. SØLYS real name is Michael Chambers and he has his home base in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. This is the pseudonym he uses when he makes neo classical music.

In addition to being a musician and composer, I also work as an audio engineer and music producer under the name moon:and:6.

 Tell us something about your track Winter!
Winter is part of a series of pieces linked to each season. It’s been done many times before, and for good reason, for not one composer can speak for all of us! For those of us who live in climates with four distinct seasons, each one has certain feelings associated with it, and while some of those feelings are commonly shared, others are deeply personal.

In writing Winter my goal was to create something haunting and melancholic. Using the AABA form, the A section represents the loneliness of a winter landscape, while the dissonant changes in the B section represent the chaos of a winter storm. The tempo is deliberately slow as time seems to come to a crawl through the winter as we wait for the arrival of spring.

Well, I can very well relate to those four seasons Michael; living in Sweden and all… Thank you for sharing this with us!

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