Spotted: Nico Casal – It’s Fine, But It Hurts

Spotted: Nico Casal – It’s Fine, But It Hurts

Today I’m introducing you to Nico Casal; a Spanish composer based out of Santiago, Galcia. He’s other passion, except playing the piano, is architecture, and when he was eighteen he had to choose between studying architecture or classical piano.

The piano won.

This track is released as a single but is also featured on the album Alone (released April the 5th).

Tell us something about your track It’s Fine, but it hurts!
It’s fine, but it hurts its the third track of seven on the album. All seven tracks are connected, they belong to the same form, to the same “story”, and this one in particular is about that feeling I had of realising everything will be ok eventually. I was aware I was going through a difficult phase for several reasons, including a break up, but at the same time I although it hurt I knew it wasn’t the end of the world.

Thank you for this song Nico! Looking forward to hear the album (this was written before the album was released).

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