Spotted: Richard Labrooy – Blink

Spotted: Richard Labrooy – Blink

Nothing new here. Just another awesome single by Richard Labrooy which you all have met here, here and here. For those of you who doesn’t know him; Richard is an Australian composer of neoclassical/ambient music.

Tell us something about your track Blink!
Similar to Bloom, this was a reasonably organic sounding track. There are some subtle electronic elements, as well as being augmented by a chamber orchestra towards the end. But it’s essentially a piece of solo piano, which is where it began. I’m not sure how other pianists prefer to compose, but I find beginning at the piano can be rather boring, and can often lead to predictable and overused patterns. It’s a problem that commonly arises from muscle memory. Which is why I usually tend to approach sound design first, which to me, can inspire the piece to go somewhere I wouldn’t usually take it. But for “Blink”, I was getting back to basics, which was just two hands on ivory keys, and seeing how I could make it different.

Do you have more music coming soon?
“Blink” is another in a string of releases that I have coming in 2019. They all revolve around slightly similar themes, such as memory, nostalgia and a bittersweet optimism. However, I’ve been attempting to find different perspectives with each track. For “Blink” it was much more melancholic and subdued, especially in comparison to my previous work “Bloom”. It was a deliberate shift in tone. As is the shift for my next single!

Thank you for this Richard! Looking forward to hear more awesome music from you soon.

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