Spotted: no-kë – Prelude

Spotted: no-kë – Prelude

Today I’m introducing you to Cassie To, or no-kë, an Australian composer from Sydney. Cassie is mainly focused on writing music for picture (televison and film) but also compose contemporary classical music, like this little tune.

No-kë is a side project of mine focusing on genres and sounds that I love to write in ranging from solo piano to ambient beats and atmospheric synths.

The track Prelude is released as a single.

Tell us something about your track Prelude!
‘Prelude’ was originally composed back in January 2019. I wrote it for my brother’s wedding day ceremony as a gift to him and his wife. The funny thing was that I had already written them a piece (which had taken a bit of time to compose and score), and while practicing that said piece, decided that it wasn’t right for them.. and ended up writing ‘Prelude’ in an hour just sitting at the piano on a Friday afternoon. I’ve only recently gotten round to recording it live. hence why its a bit late this year. 

I decided to call it Prelude as I figured their wedding ceremony serves as a ‘Prelude’ to the rest of their life together

Thank you Cassie for sharing this with us!

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