Spotted: Luke Duffy – Telltale Signs

Spotted: Luke Duffy – Telltale Signs

Today I’m introducing you to Luke Duffy, originally from Ireland but now located in Iceland (oh, that place and their composers). Luke is a piano player and and a composer who enjoys writing melodic music for piano and other instruments.

The track Telltale Signs was released on the EP with the same name in august of 2019.

Tell us something about your track Telltale Signs!
I use a couple of looping piano motifs to surround the main melody line in order to give a more warm/dense texture. I wrote the main theme and then developed these looping ideas around it. 

The tracks (from the EP) were not intended on having a thematic connection from the beginning, but as I was in the process of writing the first few, there was a sense of movement that brought them together. I have written fairly sustained and static pieces in the past so it was different for me. 

Thank you for sharing this with us Luke!

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