Spotted: Norman Dück – Morning Dew

Spotted: Norman Dück – Morning Dew

Today I’m introducing you to Norman Dück, a German composer an pianist who has done work for both TV and film. He discovered the piano at age six, but had to wait until he was 14 to begin taking lessons. At age 22 (in 2018) he decided to go all in with his music and has since then ben able to make a living out of it!

The song Morning Dew is released as a single and came out early May of 2019. There will however be an album later this year.

Tell us something about you track Morning Dew!
I came up with the melody and idea when I went to north-Sea in Germany and took a week of going on small islands and watching the sea for overs, that’s where I got my inspiration from combined with early walks in the forest (and that’s where the name of the track comes from)After I got home from my trip I instantly hopped on my piano and recorded the whole thing I had in my head as a one-taker, I had the track completely figured out in my head and already finished the composing part up there when I got home so I just had to record it.

Thank you for this Norman!

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