Spotted: Peter Cavallo – Adagio for violin, Romanza No.36

Spotted: Peter Cavallo – Adagio for violin, Romanza No.36

Today I’m introducing you to Australian composer Peter Cavallo located in Canberra (the capital, for those of you who thought it was Sidney or Melbourne). Peter is an award winning composer who writes music for film and television as well as for his own pleasure.

My love for the violin and the entire String family fuels my passion for this instrument to be heard in all of its beauty when I compose. I mainly write in a modern classical style moving away from traditional form and focusing more on freedom of movement within my music.

Tell us something about your track Adagio for violin, Romanza No.36!
Adagio for Violin – Romanza No.36 is the first of a collection of solo string single releases I am doing over the next couple of months to celebrate my passion for writing for this wonderful instrument and its player Joni Fuller – Violinist. Joni was chosen because she has the most beautiful touch and control of any violinist that I have worked with in the past. She is truly a gift to this world and must be heard.

Adagio for Violin is a romantic work and has in it all the elements of romance. I tried to think about all of the emotions and senses that are involved in romantic events in our lives and this is what was produced as a result – Romanza No.36 (because it’s not always the first time you get it right).  It was written at the piano and once a few ideas were cemented in my mind I just pressed record and played the piano. I rather prefer to just play rather than score all of my notes on paper as this makes things too rigid. After that as I sit and listen I can hear the violin lines in my head and then pick up the manuscript and start penning down the lines I hear until it’s all done. I then send the file and score to Joni and she records at her studio in the UK and sends it back to me to be mixed and mastered. You know a track is going to be good when you suffer no problems at all during the whole process and with this track that was the case.

Thank you for sharing this with us Peter!

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