Spotted: Omar Raafat – The Portrait

Spotted: Omar Raafat – The Portrait

Today I’m introducing you to the composer Omar Raafat and his track The Portrait. Omar has played music since the age of ten, starting with guitar, then moving on to drums. The recording studio is where he’s the most comfortable and he has there made music for networks like Netflix, ABC and many others.

The track The Portrait was released as a single but is also featured on the album A way home which came out February the 7th.

Tell us something about your track The Portrait!
The track The Portrait came from improvising and noodling around on the piano one day. I usually record little motifs on my phone so I don’t forget them later on. This was one of those that stuck with me and I wanted to develop further. I always found myself playing around with it whenever I sat at the piano. The track and the album was all recorded in my home studio over a few months. I brought in a quartet and had them squeeze in my small room to perform on the album. The song seemed to develop naturally and I wanted to keep everything as simple and organic as possible so things came together quick on this track.

Thank you very much for sharing this wonderful piece of music with us Omar!

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