Spotted: Patient Hands – Moment ii

Spotted: Patient Hands – Moment ii

Today I’m introducing you to the track Moment ii by the Canadian composer Alexander living in Saskatchewan. Alexander started playing music about ten years ago when I taught himself to play the guitar. After that he got into home recording and learning DAWs. He also earned a degree in philosophy and electroacoustic studies from Concordia University, Montréal. 

The track Moment ii is taken from an album There Are No Graves Here which was released on the 18th of November.

Tell us something about the track Moment ii!
Moment ii is the sister track of its neighbour on the album – Moment i – both composed for piano and field recordings. Moment ii features 6 layers taken from the same improvised piano recording, performed by my friend and former classmate, Craig Horan. The sense of rhythm pushes and pulls as the differing parts trade dominance and compete with the natural rhythm of the two field recordings – the first of an escalator, the second of the pages of a book being turned. The brevity of the track and lack of clear structure typify the aphoristic style I develop across the rest of There Are No Graves Here. I struggled for a long time with this track to get the piano parts to sit right with each other, but in hindsight I wish I had squeezed out more time, as the song develops just slightly too fast!

Thank you Alexander for this!

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