Spotted: Mason Stephenson – La Forêt

Spotted: Mason Stephenson – La Forêt

Today I’m introducing you to the track La Forêt by the British composer and piano artist Mason Stephenson, based in Manchester. Mason has played the piano since the age of 13 and is for the most part self tough. he started writing his own tunes about two years ago.

The track La Forêt was released as a single on the 23rd of October, 2020.

Tell us something about your track La Forêt!
“La Forêt” is all about growing into who you really are and to find yourself since this is what happened to me the moment I decided what I really want to do which is write music. I find myself really interested in melancholic music as I find a certain peace when listened to that style and I hope to achieve that feeling with my own songs. 

Thank you for this Mason!

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