Spotted: Philip Danso – Dawn

Spotted: Philip Danso – Dawn

Today I’m introducing you to the Canadian composer and piano player Philip Danso, currently living in Toronto. Philip have played the piano for the most part of his life, but the track Dawn is his debut release. He has however composed his own music for the past for years. 

The track Dawn was released as a single on the 15th of September, 2020. 

Tell us something about your track Dawn!

“Dawn” started off as just a repeating piano motif, but later evolved into something magical. I usually start writing a song with a theme in mind even before I touch the piano. After settling on the “dawn” as the track title, I wanted to paint the characteristics and textural elements of sunrise; thus the slow but steady buildup of the track. I went for a sparse yet rich texture while allowing the piano arpeggios to dance amidst the subtle but ever present strings and lush synths.

Thank you for this Philip!

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