Spotted: Goldmund – For a Time

Spotted: Goldmund – For a Time

Today I’m introducing you to the American born composer Goldmund, who is now based in Canada, and his the track For a Time. Goldmund have been releasing music under this moniker for about 15 years, but also makes music using the named Helios and Mint Julep. He started playing the piano in his 20s while studying percussion at the Berklee College of music. 

The track For a Time was released as a single on the 10th of September, 2020 but will also be featured on the album The time it takes, which will be out in October, 2020. 

Tell us something about your track For a Time!
For a Time is open for interpretation; however, the title generally comes from defining a moment in time, and how some moments are remembered as abrupt vignettes with no discernible arc or beginning/middle/end, it’s not wrapped up, it sometimes just hangs there without being book-ended by a memory of what came before or after. I wanted to reflect that in the music, so it’s generally a short piece of music that has a minimal amount of development after the main theme is presented and the sound is treated in such a way that it could be something from long ago, like a lost tape cassette.

Thank you for this Goldmund!

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