Spotted: Piano Melancolía – Diving in Silence

Spotted: Piano Melancolía – Diving in Silence

Today I’m introducing you to Carl Jürgen Emert, or Piano Melancolía; a German composer and piano player from Cologne. Carl has studied music about 25 years ago and now

The track Driving in silence is the first single from the upcoming album Talking Canvas (November, 2019).

Tell us something about your track Driving in silence!
For “Diving in Silence” I used  the software “Noire” from native instruments to get a sound which makes the felt and the mechanics from the piano hearable in the background. I had the idea of raindrops dripping against a window. A warm and peaceful impression, which helps me to create the combination of a simple harmonic structure and a beautiful melody.

Thank your for sharing your music with us!

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