Spotted: Pink Coyote – Softness

Spotted: Pink Coyote – Softness

Today I’m introducing you to the duo Pink Coyote from Great Britain. The duo consists of Luke Mosley (which is the one I have been talking to, nice guy by the way) and George Holliday.

Luke has been playing the guitar since the age of 11 and has produced music for the past 10 years. George has played the piano since the age of seven, and has also been producing music for the past 10 years. He lives in a bus he converted into his studio called Made On The Road.

They started this particular project this year (2020) and the track Softness is taken from their debut EP called Touch, which was released early may of 2020.

Tell us something about your track Softness!
We have a unique way of writing, which is: One of us starts a track with no more than 3 parts, we then send it to the other person who adds 3 parts and we do this until the track is finished. Anyone can do anything they want with the track, no rules at all!

Thank you Luke (and George) for sending me this track!

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