Spotted: Sarah Coponat & Fransoafran – Home (piano and strings)

Spotted: Sarah Coponat & Fransoafran – Home (piano and strings)

Today I’m introducing your to the track Home by the French composer Sarah Coponat. This tune was recorded together with the violin player Fransoafran.

Sarah has played the piano since the age of three with a diploma of the national conservatorium of Marseille in classical piano. She have been composing for as far as she can remember.

Fransoafran started out playing the piano as well, but later switched to the violin. After a classical training, he embraced many styles from jazz to pop rock, latin to country music, with a taste for improvisation. He is born in France but is now located in Australia.

Tell us something about the track Home!
“Home” evokes the nostalgia of people and places that bring you back to your childhood. It is a peaceful and melancholic track, collaboration with violinist Fransoafran who brought a beautiful depth to the track.

The violins and viola were recorded in studio in Vietnam, being currently based here temporarily. It was not easy finding a classical viola in Vietnam, and I was starting to lose hope in including one on this record, but by a happy synchronicity, one of my violin students told me she had a viola she wanted to give away, it was such a perfect timing for this recording!

Thank you Sarah and Fransoafran for sending me this track!

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