Spotted: Rebecca Jean Rossi – Kismet (extended)

Today I’m presenting you with the American composer Rebecca Jean Rossi, originally from New York City, but nowadays spends much for her time in Milan, Italy. Rebecca got into recording with Logic Pro when she was about 19 years old and has been trying to find her voice as a composer and producer since then. However – she feels most at home by the piano, which she has played since the age of six.

The track Kismet was released on the EP with the same name on the 25th of February, 2022.

Tell us something about your track Kismet!
This track is one of those pieces that came from a melody that was stuck in my head that I just had to record. Though there are actually two versions of this piece on the EP, the extended version is actually the original- and the one I prefer. (The other version is the equivalent of a radio edit, shortened with the intent of making it sound more commercial). In the future I hope to find that sweet spot between writing what I want, and writing what “the algorithm wants” more naturally.

Thank you very much for this!

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