Spotted: Robert Anton Strobel – Leaving the Garden

Spotted: Robert Anton Strobel – Leaving the Garden

Today I’m presenting you with a new track by the American composer and piano player Robert Anton Strobel. Robert has a doctorate degree in music and works as a musician.

I believe in writing accessible, fun music that touches people. I write beautiful music that people love and I have had thousands of people listen to my music over the course of this year on Spotify. 

The track Leaving the Garden was released as a single on the 5th of January, 2024.

Tell us something about your track Leaving the Garden!
I wrote it as the conclusion to my album. There’s kind of a melancholy feeling to this work, it reminds me of a sad but beautiful day. It’s like when you graduated from school, or when you had to leave a place that you loved. 

Thanks for sending me this!