Spotted: Ros Gilman – Falling Snow

Spotted: Ros Gilman – Falling Snow

Today I’m introducing yo the composer and piano player Ros Gilman and his track Falling Snow. Ros was born in Moscow, Russia; grew up near Munich, Germany; and is now based in London, UK. He started playing the piano and the violin when he was about three years old, and music has been his greatest passion ever since.

As a concert violinist I performed on 3 continents and repeatedly appeared on national TV and radio. But a sudden hand injury abruptly forced me to give up my violin career.As I could not continue my life without music, I re-inveted myself as a composer, conductor and music producer.

Much of my his work in the past years has been for film and TV, but he recently started to compose and produce more “standalone” music, which he plans to continue doing.

The track Falling Snow was released as a single on Nov 20th 2020.

Tell us something about your track Falling Snow!
“Falling Snow came to me on a quiet weekend evening, while at home and only took me a few minutes to write. The next day it took me another couple hours to record and fully produce it. Sometimes it can take days or even weeks to write and produce a particular piece of music. However, it is often the pieces that form very quickly and easily – almost by themselves – which can turn out to be the most “natural” of compositions. Whenever that happens the music seems to lead you on its own. All you need to do is to record it in some way – be that notes on a piece of paper or digital information in your studio software.“‚Falling Snow‘ is one of those little pieces of music that are particularly close to my heart.”

Thank you very much Ros!

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