Spotted: Stefano Fasce – Things I Didn’t Say

Spotted: Stefano Fasce – Things I Didn’t Say

Today I’m introducing you to the track Things I Din’t Say by the Italian composer Stefano Fasce, now located in London, Great Britain. Stefano grew up playing the piano and the guitar and has also played the cello for the past two years. He started to write music when he was about 16 and is now making music for film and TV.

The track Things I Didn’t Say was released on the album Solitary Places which came out on November the 20th, 2020.

Tell us something about tour track Things I Didn’t say!
I actually originally recorded this track with strings but I later decided that the more minimalist intimate version with just piano better captured the feeling I wanted to convey.The inspiration behind the piece is the feeling when we cannot say the things we want to someone any more. The reverse piano in the background is a wish to go back and reverse time. It’s ultimately a piece about acceptance and redemption.

Thank you Stefano!

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