Spotted: Rui Ribeiro – Falkenberger Straße

Spotted: Rui Ribeiro – Falkenberger Straße

Today I’m introducing you to the track Falkenberger Straße by the Portuguese composer and piano player Rui Ribeiro. Rui was bord in Lisbon, where he still is located, and started learning about music and playing it at the age of seven. Piano was however not his first choose but the organ.

The track Falkenberger Straße is the second single from an upcoming album, due to be released in September of 2020.

Tell us something about your track Falkenberger Straße!
‘Falkenberger Straße’ is a piece representing a recollection I have of a street in Berlin where I lived while studying in that city almost 20 years ago. While living there, I learned a lot as an aspiring musician, but most of all I recall developing my resistance and perseverance in the face of adversity: Berlin was much colder and darker than my hometown Lisbon, family and friends were far away and smartphones had not yet been invented, I couldn’t understand the German language, money was scarce and barely enough to survive. However, I did my best to keep smiling and to absorb all that city had to teach me, step by step in a continuous cadence in which the important thing was to never stop (just like the left hand movement in this piece).

A funny thing about the track… after the recording, I wanted to add a soft wind sound to the track, because I remember the freezing soft wind in Berlin during the winter. But I wasn’t happy with the wind sounds I was recording outside, and also not happy with the ones I was finding in sound banks. So in the end, the wind sound you hear very softly in the back is actually me using my own mouth to reproduce it 🙂 Old school foley!

Thank you very much for this Rui!

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