Spotted: Daniel O`Rhys – Floating

Spotted: Daniel O`Rhys – Floating

Today I’m introducing you to the track Floating by the composer Daniel O’Rhys. Daniel have played piano for a long time, but just recently started to make his tunes available for others!

The track Floating was released as a single on the 26th of June!

Tell us something about your track Floating!
At first the title “Floating” was a wrong read of the characterisation of the first theme that I’ve scribbled in my sketch book, which said “flowing”. But I liked” floating” way better, so I kept it as the title. I wrote the piece in one afternoon and recorded it in one take on my home piano. The recording is not perfect, the piano is quiet squeaky,the tuning is a already a bit questionable and I forgot to close the window to the street. Still I decided to leave it as is. It captured the perfect moment for me and it felt good to be “in the zone” playing piano. 

Thank you Daniel!

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