Spotted: Ryan Kearsay – Embrace

Today I’m presenting you with the track Embrace by the British composer and piano player Ryan Kearsay. Ryan has composer music for about 20 years, but just recently started releasing his music. He has previously composer music for film and started playing the piano around the age of seven.

The track Embrace was released as a single on the 15th of November, 2022, but will also be part of an (double) album, which has been made over the course of 12 years!

Tell us something about your track Embrace!
Embrace was written to be a representation of a gentle, delicate embrace full of love and passion. It was conceived whilst relaxing on the South Downs in South East England. The main motif (the starting phrase) was originally written through me experimenting with a new piano. This developed very quickly and the piece was written in a matter of hours!

Thanks for this Ryan!

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