Spotted: Sam Miller – First Winter

Spotted: Sam Miller – First Winter

Today I’m presenting you with the track First Winter by the composer and piano player Sam Miller. Sam is a self-taught pianist based in Oregon, USA. Sam has played bass, guitar, and sung in rock bands since middle school through most of his adult life. Over the past three years, his focus has shifted towards writing solo piano music. 

The track First Winter was released as a single on the 9th of December, 2022, and will also be part of an upcoming album.

Tell us something about your track First Winter!
“First Winter” wrote itself. I liked the way the pattern felt to play as I noodled around on the piano downstairs, and later after practice my wife said “whatever you were playing earlier, that was pretty.” That’s when I decided to consider what I was playing a piece. Quite rudimentary, “First Winter” is as much about how it feels to play as is the listener’s perception of it.  

The artwork for this piece was created by my brother, Will Miller, using OpenAI’s Dall-E. I appreciate the artificial intelligence generated artwork juxtaposed with my very human piano playing and recording.

Thank you for this Sam!