Spotted: Stephen Selvey – Eastern stars II

Today I’m presenting you with the track Eastern Stars II bu the American composer and piano plater Stephen Selvey, originally from Southwest Virginia, but now located in Austin, Texas. Stephen’s main instrument is the guitar and he has played in various bands for about 20 years. During the pandemic he found the piano and started recording classical piano music.

The track Eastern Stars II was released as a single on the 12th of august, 2022.

Tell us something about your track Eastern stars II!
This is actually one half of a two part piece, this part being slow and melancholy while the other half being faster and energetic. The melody for this piece just came into my head one night and then I placed the chord progression underneath that melody.  This piece was written around the time of the outbreak of the Ukraine / Russia War. I wouldn’t say the piece is about the conflict but perhaps the conflict influenced the mood of the piece.   

Thank you very much for this Stephen!

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