Spotted: Sun Rain – Oils

Spotted: Sun Rain – Oils

Today I’ introducing you to the track Oils by the Canadian composer and self taught piano player Sun Rain. He started releasing music back in 2014 as being part of the electronic duo Snowday. When he got his hands on an old grand piano, he started making piano music, and came up with the name Sun Rain for it!

The track Oils was released on the EP Elora Gorge and came out on the 19th of June, 2020.

Tell us something about your track Oils!
The song idea started as an improvisation that I recorded on my phone years ago. Lots of ideas start this way and later I’ll go through the recordings to see if any of the noodles have potential. ‘Oils’ (which was the original title of the iPhone file) got my attention and I learned and recorded the piece properly in my studio. The track then spent many months as a solo piano piece until I got the idea to add synth textures and atmosphere. Once that layer was added, I asked Chloe Davidson to put down some cello to fill out the piece and give it a bit of forward momentum.

Thanks Chad!

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