Spotted: Sveinung Fjermestad – Hottavikhagen

Spotted: Sveinung Fjermestad – Hottavikhagen

Today, I’m introducing you to the Norwegian composer and piano plater Sveinung Fjermestad and his track Hottavikhagen. Sveinung has played music since he was a little kid, and always loved to write and arrange songs. The past ten years he has been involved in several indie pop/rock projects, but just recently decided to start a projects that was just his own; and that’s what we’re hearing now!

The track Hottavikhagen was released as a single on the 17th of July 2020, but will also be part of an EP with an undecided release date.

Tell us something about your track Hottavikhagen!
Hottavikhagen is the name of the street where I lived as a kid and is a part of a collection of songs inspired by the place I grew up at the west coast of Norway. The song was actually written several years ago to be used in one of my indie-projects, but were never finished as I could not find a good vocal melody to it. When I started writing piano music I made this piano arrangement for it, and it just made much more sense in this form. 

Thank you for this Sveinung!

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