Spotted: The Finley Ghost – Columbia

Today I’m introducing you to American composer Jake Randle and his project The Finley Ghost. Jake is a multi instrumentalist from Seattle but is currently located in Los Angeles.

The track Columbia is featured on his debut album Returning which was released Nov. 8th 2019

Tell us something about your track Columbia!
Columbia is the first song I wrote for the album. I wanted to encompass a space, a nostalgic place, and write the soundtrack to those memories. I had been writing a lot of alternative/pop music and wanted to get away from that structure of songwriting. I was living in Hollywood and needed to cleanse my musical palette so I just sat in my room at the piano, hit record, & started playing. There’s something special in letting the subconscious take over and to just play what you’re feeling. I used my iPhone to capture some natural ambience in my small apartment room. My friend loaned me a guitar and an effects pedal called “Organizer” that I used to help shape my sound which turned into this first track “Columbia.

For more information, please check out these links:
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