Spotted: The Fire & The Fog – When We Disappear

Spotted: The Fire & The Fog – When We Disappear

Today I’m introducing you to the track When We Disappear by the American composer Andy Walker. Andy lives in Nashville and makes music under many different names:

Most recently electronic music under the name The Alphabet Zero. The Fire & The Fog began as an outlet for music I started writing that didn’t fit my other artist and started realizing there was a common vein and started this new project.

The track When we disappear is the first track taken from an upcoming album, and was released late January of 2020.

Tell us something about your track When we disappear!
As I wrote the track I imagined each person as a small intersection in a giant web and when we disappear from the web, all the strands fall and collide. Some new connections may be made, or some connections are destroyed. In the end we are all a sum of who we are connected to. 

Thanks so much for sending me this song!

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