Spotted: Traveler CS – Missingness

Spotted: Traveler CS – Missingness

Today I’m introducing you to the track Missingness by the American composer Cameron Fitzpatrick and his project Traveler CS. Cameron started playing music when he was four years old, staring out on the violin (which he claims not to know how to play anymore). Piano, bass guitar and vocals is now his main instruments and has been for the past 20 years or so.

The track Missingness is featured on the EP Halcyon, which was released on February 21st.

Tell us something about your track Missingness!
The EP has come to represent many feelings of nostalgia for me, with Missingness being a kind of reflection on things that didn’t happen, things that could have been. It sometimes fills me with a familiar yearning for places I have never been. Funnily, as I started writing it, it was meant to be a small transitional piece, kind of a palate cleanser, on a larger release. But as I finished it, it became something else, that seemed too important to me to just be used as a break between other ideas.

Thank you very much Cameron for sharing this track with us!

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