Spotted: Thomas E Rouch – The Pathfinder

Spotted: Thomas E Rouch – The Pathfinder

Today I’m introducing you to Thomas Rouch, an Australian composer and artist based in Melbourne. Thomas makes music for film and likes to tell stories with his music. He says his main instrument is the recording studio where he can “sculpt musical soundscapes and blend them with more traditional orchestrations”.

The Pathfinder is the title track on his first solo piano EP released in the beginning of April 2019.

Tell us something about your EP The Pathfinder!
For the last ten years I’ve been telling other peoples stories. As a film composer my job is to find the essence of the story, the inner world of the characters and bring it to life through the power of music. But recently I really felt the need tell a more personal story, a story that is more a journey than a destination, using the power of creation to strip away the noise of life to discover what’s important. Because even though I’d achieved many of things in life that I’d set out to do, somewhere along the way I lost touch with my own essence, my own inner world had shut down as I focussed on getting things done and I lost touch with what it meant to be me. So this record is really a journey of self discovery and a document of that process.

Tell us something about the track The Pathfinder!
Well all the tracks on the EP were originally written for my Instagram channel. For the last 9 months I’ve been composing 1 or two of these solo piano pieces and putting them on Instagram, The Pathfinder really seemed to resonate with most of my audience so in a way it was fan selected. I’ve really enjoyed having that instant connection with people on the platform and seeing what they like and having conversations about how the music makes them feel.Quite a few of my fans have asked for sheet music so I have made a sheet music book which has a photo and a short story to go with each track from the EP. If people are interested they can buy it from my website.

Thank you for sharing with us Thomas!

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