Spotted: Poor Colour Palette – Long Grass

Spotted: Poor Colour Palette – Long Grass

Today I’m introducing you to Benjamin Theodore, a musician and composer making music using the name Poor Colour Palette. Benjamin is based in a town no one has ever heard about (Benjamins own words, by the way) near Glashow in Scotland. Being outside is what makes Benjamin stay sane, so that’s why Benjamin decided to move back to the place no one has ever heard of after spending 15 years in Glasgow. That and the high living expenses in the bigger city.

The track Long grass is taken from Benjamins EP called Sky in the morning which was released on the 5th of April 2019.

Tell us something about your track Long grass!
Long Grass is a rework of one of the first songs I wrote. Back when I originally wrote it, I was going through a difficult time – suffering from depression and struggling with my identity – so when listening back to it recently I realised it didn’t feel like me anymore, so I decided to redo it in a way that represents me as I am now. I took some elements from the original, broke them down and rearranged them, then added new piano parts and field recordings and somehow ended up with an entire Ep instead of just a new song. I found the experience crazy rewarding and I am really proud of the result, therefore I plan to do the same with a few more of my really early songs.

Like all songs on the Ep, Long Grass is inspired by camping trips I used to go on as a Scout. About how connected to nature I felt, and how safe I would feel even though my only real protection from (as I saw it at the time) the big, bad, scary world was a piece of light green canvas. I would lie in the tent and listen to the animals, the wind and the rain (there was always a lot of rain) outside and I just felt so calm and grounded. Half way through the writing process I decided to go camping for the weekend, up near Loch Lomond, and all those feeling came straight back to me. That’s when I recorded most of the field recordings for the Ep.

Thank you Benjamin for sharing this with us!

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