Spotted: Thomas Hewitt Jones – Clockwise

Spotted: Thomas Hewitt Jones – Clockwise

Today I’m introducing you to Thomas Hewitt Jones. Well, I have introduced you to him before, so this is another track; from another album! Thomas is a Brittish composer, pianist and cello player living in London. This is his second release from the Juice Music label, which is a part of EMI Production music.

Clockwise is kind of a fun song. Am I allowed to call it that? It’s fun because it’s so playful and nice. It starts out with a small piano part and then it just breaks loose into this end scene taken from a movie where the gay gets the girl after chasing her through an airport. Or something like that. I really enjoyed listening to this little song! A perfect start of any day!

The song is taken from Thomas latest album Electro cello.

Tell us something about your track Clockwise!
With Clockwise I wanted to write a piece of music representing clockwise movement. I was thinking of a moving object’s trajectory when writing, and the piano motifs in particular are supposed to sound as if moving in circular motion, while the chugging cellos aim to evoke momentum. At the track’s climax, legato cellos outline the harmony and hopefully add a sense of drama.- As I was playing all the parts myself, I laid down the piano first and then recorded the cellos over the top in order to be able to record to the essential moving parts. I had to write the track very quickly, hence the double meaning of the title – I had to be aware of the minutes counting down while composing this one!

Thank you Thomas for sending me this! Wonderful!

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