Spotted: Thomas Hewitt Jones – Skylark

Spotted: Thomas Hewitt Jones – Skylark

Today I’m presenting you to another great track by the British composer Thomas Hewitt Jones, which I have written about before here on the blog. You’ll find out everything about him on this Behind the piano post, so I won’t introduce him further here.

The track was released as a single on may the 3rd of 2020.

Tell us something about your track Skylark!
The inspiration for this track was the idea of a bird in flight, tweeting (in the non-twitter sense!) as it flies. Funnily enough, the solo violin was the last part of the track to be recorded. It is one of a series I am writing and releasing during lockdown because of the coronavirus epidemic, and the violin solo was recorded remotely by Matthew Denton. The rest of the instruments were recorded in my studio.

Thank you Thomas for once again sharing your music with us!

For more information, please check out any of the following links:
Website / Spotify