Spotted: Thomas Rydell – III

Spotted: Thomas Rydell – III

Today I’m presenting you with the track III by the Swedish composer and guitar player Thomas Ryder. Thomas teaches guitar at a local music school but says his main interest is composing music; which means he writes for all kind on instruments. This time – the piano!

The track III was released as a single on the 2nd of June, but will also be part of an upcoming EP called “Five ballads about love”.

Tell us something about your track III!
Because I don’t play piano myself, I asked my friend “Razz T” to play. Because I know he is an amazing jazz piano player, I asked him to interpret the songs freely. 

I wrote it as an expression and exploration of love and relationships, with someone in particular in mind. Its ups and downs, the euphoria, tenderness, fear and loss… I suppose most of us has been there. 

Thank you very much for this Thomas!