Spotted: Tristan Eckerson – For Natalia

Spotted: Tristan Eckerson – For Natalia

Today I’m introducing you to American composer and pianist Tristan Eckerson. Tristan was born and raised in Cincinnati, but have lived and worked in Charleston, SC, San Francisco, CA, San Sebastian, Spain, Seattle, Washington, and Asheville, NC. He has been releasing piano music since 2016 and worked with several labels in the genre; as 1631 Recordings, Sonder House, Mellotron Records and A remarkable idea.

This track is released as a single but is also featured ont he EP At Home (April 19th).

Tell us something about the EP!
At Home is a five track EP that was released on April 19th by New York label The Sonder House.  I wrote the EP in the winter, so the title refers to the theme of being at home, and the feeling that being in a comfortable place brings, along with the stillness and quite that comes with the winter season.

Tell us something about your track For Natalia!
I wrote this track for my wife Natalia.  She is the backbone of our family and has always been very supportive of my pursuing my career in music, with all the challenges and risks that it brings.  The minimalism of the song is meant to reflect her personality and what she means to me- steady, beatiful, uplifting, and encouraging.  I wrote all of the songs on the EP at my upright piano in my home studio in Cincinnati during this past winter.

Thank you for sharing this with us Tristan!

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