Spotted: tusenfoting – 36/63

Spotted: tusenfoting – 36/63

Today I’m introducing you tusenfoting, or Pelle Kronhamn. Pelle is the brother of a pretty good friend of mine so when I saw him linking to this on facebook and heard piano coming from my computer speakers, it felt like I had to write a little something about it!

Pelle is a musician living in Malmö. He (and his brother Kalle) is part of the metal band Subfret, but he also makes other kinds of music. I don’t really know what to call the song 36/63, so just have a listen and decide for yourself.

The song 36/63 is featured on the EP tusenfoting I which was released in June of 2019.

Tell us something about the compositional theme of the EP!
I make these songs with a piano and my computer alternating between playing parts and making variations by MIDI. All instruments are virtual and all playing is a combination of human hands and programming in varying degrees. The theme throughout the music is variations on themes, changing metre, subdivision, triplets and stuff like that. Most songs have one or maybe two melodies or themes and just vary on those. And of course a few extra melodies on top now and then.

Tell us something about your track 36/63!
36/63 is built on variations on the initial piano melody. From that I changed the metre so it appeared to accelerate twice, specifically the “last part”. The “36” part is actually a small part of a note reversal of “36”, although not so apparent, the same thing is more obvious if you listen to the two other tracks “IV (v.)” & “IV”, where a note for note reversal leads from the end of one track into the other mirroring each other.

Wow. I would really like to take a look into your head sometime when you’re composing. This doesn’t remind me at all of my own composing sessions! Thank you for sharing the music though!

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