Spotted: Ubroe – From a Small Room in Paris

Today I’m presenting you with the Belgian composer and piano player Kristof Van den Bergh and his track From a Small Room in Paris. Kristof has played the piano since he was about 9 years old. He had a few years of classical training but really found himself when he started to compose and improvise music on his own.

This track was released as a single on the 6th of December, 2021.

Tell us something about your track From a Small Room in Paris!
The track is the 1st of 4 tracks that will be released as singles, but really are part of the same concept. They all speak about a day in a room in Paris (stating the Obvious here). Where I had this lovely experience, maybe for the first time, that I was alone, but not lonely. Just enoyed being.

Can I just use this platform to wish everyone peace and serenity? (mixed with some good old chaos once in a while)

Thanks for sending this in Kristof!

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