Spotted: Vetle Lyckander – Maria

Spotted: Vetle Lyckander – Maria

Today I’m introducing you to the Norwegian composer and piano player Vetle Lyckander and his track Maria. Vetle comes from a small-lace called Hadeland and started taking piano lessons at the age of 10-11. Recently he started making music of his own, but music has always been a big part of his life.

The piano is in many ways your diary and the medium for your most personal feelings and experiences, so I like to think that no one knows me better than my piano (probably also my downstairs neighbours).

The track Maria was released as part of the EP, with the same name, on February 5th, 2021.

Tell us something about your track Maria!
This track is called Maria, named after an old stone church in Norway called “Mariakirken”. I composed this song in a creative rush after I got the idea of recording an album in the church, thinking about the unique acoustics and echoing effect you get when you play there. The melody has two separate voices which are introduced separately in the song, before they combine in harmony for the main part. This polyphonic character of the melody came from my idea of many voices singing in harmony and echoing in the church. And if you listen very closely to some of the songs on the EP, you can actually hear rumbling sounds from some construction workers digging and drilling several kilometers away. Goes to show how the sounds resonate and amplify inside the church walls!

Thank you very much for this Vetle!

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