Spotted: Virginio Aiello – Il carillon

Today I’m presenting you with another track by the Italian composer and piano player Virginio Aiello, which you can read more about here! He started playing the piano and the accordion at the age of six and has a masters degree in Jazz music. Since 2019 he has released neo classical solo piano music.

The track Il carillon was released as a single on the 10th of December, 2021.

Tell us something about your track Il Carillon!
This piece is called “Il carillon” in Italian language. Translated into English it means “The music box”. It is a sweet and gentle lullaby for Felt Piano. It is particularly suitable as a relaxing song for children. It is also a song reminiscent of The Christmas music box. It is a sweet piece that recalls the Christmas atmosphere. It is part of all my peaceful piano music production

Thanks for sending me this Virginio!

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