Spotted: William Ogmundson – Eleanor

Today it’s time to introduce you to yet another track by the ever so productive composer and piano player William Ogmundson from the United States.

The track Eleanor was released as a single in January of 2020.

Tell us something about your track Eleanor!
This song was improvised on the spot, (a one-take wonder, so to speak) on a Steinway Grand Piano at CedarHouse Sound and Mastering in North Sutton, NH, a couple miles from my home.  I fell in love with this piano when I first played it in 2005, and have been recording on her (yes, she has a gender) ever since.  Her name is Eleanor, which is really quite a nice name, especially considering some of the other popular names from the 1890s, when she was born (Gertrude or Maude for example).  The piece is simple yet sweet, and hopefully will hold up through the years as well as its namesake has.  

Thank you again William for your music!

For more information; check out these two links!
Website / Spotify