Spotted: William Ogmundson – The Infinite Cosmos

Spotted: William Ogmundson – The Infinite Cosmos

Trying to claim I am introducing the returning reader of the blog to William Ogmundson since William is one of the most creative and productive artists ever. I have posted a lot about William and his music before, and you can find it all here!

Short intro however: William lives in New London in America and is a composer and piano player.

The song The Infinite Cosmos was released mid September of 2019 as a single.

Tell us something about your track The Infinite Cosmos!
This track was recorded at the amazing studio CedarHouse Sound and Mastering, which happens to be in my hometown.  
This song was is unique because I wanted to make it ambient sounding, but without resorting to a synthesizer.  What I ended up doing was taping down selected notes on the Steinway grand and capturing the overtones that were created.  I then had that played backwards and combined the two versions to create a pulsating ambient sound as the backdrop for the sparse melody.  I’m calling the style “acoustic ambience”.  I think the funniest part about recording this piece was seeing the look of horror and dismay on the sound engineer’s face when I started taping down keys on the lovely old Steinway.  I had a blast though and I have to say that the resulting sound was pretty cool!  

Thank you for this tune William!

For more information; check out these two links!
Website / Spotify