Spotted: Dave Griffiths – Liturgy of the Hours: Sext

Spotted: Dave Griffiths – Liturgy of the Hours: Sext

Today we’re back listening at Dave Griffiths and his Liturgy of the Hours! Last time we listened to Terce, and today we’re gonna hear Sext instead! Dave is a British composer from Bournemouth on the south coast of England.

This tune, as well as the previous one I’ve written about, is part of a series of singles based on the monastic ‘hours of prayer’ called ‘Liturgy of the Hours’.

Tell us something about Liturgy of the Hours: Sext!
‘Sext’ is not just sending nudes pics from your phone! It’s the old word for midday or noon prayer. I’m trying to create improvisations around a little piano motif which creates a flowing moment of meditation. I then add pads and washed out arpeggios to create the sonic ‘bed’ underneath. 

Thank you Dave for sharing with us!

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