Spotted: Yes it’s Ananias – Arrivinterval Pt. I (Midtro)

Today I’m presenting you with the track Arrivinterval Pt. I (Midtro) by the Swiss composer and piano player Nicolas Sacha Streichenberg and his project Yes it’s Ananias.

I have posted about some of the singles from the album Yes it’s Ananias pt. IV: Turbulence after the crash landing into the forth dimension before, and now the album is out!

Tell us something about your track Arrivinterval Pt. I (Midtro)!
There are specific funfacts about this certain piece i Improvised back in January 2022 in the Nomas Mellow Studios in the mexican desert City of Guadalajara, Jalisco:

The first would be as most of the global-inspired tunes and spheres I get influenced by: The Ethio kind of traditional Jazz and scales. Somehow they work so good physically in E# Major ?!

Secondly I would like to add that I was listening to a lot of Emahoy Mirjam Tsegue Gébru stuff. A very important and guiding female Pianist rooted in deep Adis Atonal Vibes from my previous album. It must be that very link people might can make to hover over into this fourth dimension of my pianoworks. It’s just a test recording really an attempt to fix my bass hand that would later become “Arrivinterval,PT. (Broken Heart Syndrome in GDL)”, a true very strong essential track of my Album “YES IT’S ANANIAS |\/: TURBULENCES AFTER THE CRASH LANDING INTO THE FOURTH DIMENSION”. A great film has been profuced and made by spanish Film director Martin Mur for it.

Third must be that on the third Solo Piano III from Gonzo, there is also a Ethiopian/Global reference and only improvisation by the gnarly Canadian dude named “Cactus Impromptu”. It inspired me to put small things on IV! As a (finally!) “Midtro” . *coughs

Thanks for this Nicolas!