Spotted: Becky Ainge – A Fallen Leaf

Spotted: Becky Ainge – A Fallen Leaf

Today I’m presenting you with the track A Fallen Leaf by the British composer and piano player Becky Ainge. Becky was born in the West Midlands in the town of Solihull where she received her classical training in an environment exhibiting a proud regional identity rooted in both heavy industry and popular music. After living abroad a few years she came back to England in 2018.

The track A Fallen Leaf was released as a single on the 29th of September, 2023.

Tell us something about your track A Fallen Leaf!
I wanted to compose a piece to reflect a calm autumnal day. A piece that resembled the beautiful light and colour of a leaf’s last few days and its journey from the tree to the ground.

Nearly all artwork and promotional shorts/reels and videos are filmed by myself with just an iphone and without spoiling the magic, a big shoutout to my mum for being the leaf thrower-upper while I tried to catch the leaf in slow motion for the promotional reel! Love you mum! 

Thanks for sharing this with us Becky!