Spotted: Yes it’s Ananias – Departitura, Pt. II (Leaving Hirzel Palace)

Spotted: Yes it’s Ananias – Departitura, Pt. II (Leaving Hirzel Palace)

Today It’s time for me to present another track by the Swiss composer and piano player Nicolas Sacha Streichenberg also known as Yes it’s Ananias. Nicola’s main focus is playing live and touring around Europe and the rest of the world. He calls his type of piano music “Psychoautomatic Solo Piano Music”.

This track was released as a single on the 21st of July, 2021 but will also be part of an album later on.

Tell us something about your song Departitura, Pt. II!

The Song “Departitura, Pt. II” is about loss, letting go or even run away as fast as you can although you don’t want. But for your own health to follow your path and dig really deep in your own childhood to find miraculous melodies. I got shocked recently when I heard “my own home” written for the “jungle book” disney soundscore. It was my first VHS I ever saw probably 100 times as a child between 3-7 years old. The last scene where the girl appears is still stuck deeply in my musicianship’s mind. I truly believe it always got stuck there and accidently came up in a super dark hour when I was recording in the middle of the mexican desert city Guadalajara. My hand seemed frozen and I definetely had kind of a Broken Heart Syndrome. That’s why the previous single is kind of attached to this new single. Departitura Pt. II speaks of a highly influence of Malakoff Kowalskis “my First Piano”, a piano gentleman I adore and see as a fully enlightend pianotasker!Hopefully I one day meet him and thank him personally. Funny anecdote is that the chords start in a walz but then are fully freed in other parts. Hail the improvisation. I just loved to record and let it as it was. Bring it onto stages and actually write further deeper into the schemes of it with audience, different instruments and places I play. Never ending tour probably will tell where these songs will take me to.

The full album was improvised, written (not scorewise, I can’t read notes) and recorded in a double 8 hour session. I think it was my record. Hope it doesn’t set standarts though. Was an unhuman marathon I never wanna live through again. Pain leads to great art output sometimes. This was one and a half years ago, right ten days before I released “YIAIII”. So before releasing my recent album I had enscribed my upcoming future record. AND SO SOON IT IS DUE! I am so excited!

Thank you vey much for sharing Nicolas!