Day one & Day two

So, here’s the next two songs from the latest EP. 

Day one. 

Day two. 

These two songs were written I may when my band Rimstad Rockerz had an entire week with shows at Nydala theater in Malmö. Before every show we do there I usually have some of my piano music in the background before the show while people are taking their seats. When we did the same thing in February I played my song Years to come through the speakers, but you get pretty tired of hearing the same song over and over again for five days straight. 

So, I decided to challenge myself (as I tend to do). 

How about I write a new song every day, and play it in the backgrund the day after?

Sounds good right?

It was a pretty hectic week, so I only managed to write two new songs. Day one, and Day two. I repeated them for the next couple of days. 

So, here they are!

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