There has been some confusion regarding my “artist name” recently, so here’s a small explanation.

On my latest two releases (at least on Spotify) both my artist name (Sleepy songs) and my real name (Johan Eckman) is written as “artist” on every song. NOT on the releases though, only the songs.

I asked Spotify about this, and their very simple reply was that because it’s release under the classical genre, both the performing artist and the composer is written as “artist”. Simple as that! Makes sense, at least if you think of classical music as in Mozart. His work is probably on Spotify but not with him as the performing artist 😀

Another really confusing thing is that I’m apparently not the only one in the world with the name Johan Eckman. There is another guy. I think he lives in America and makes dance music. Pretty far from the kind of music I make.

I have tried to make Spotify separate my releases from his which worked for my Piano pt6 EP. I have contacted them again regarding the latest releases, and hopefully they will be moved to the right profile on Spotify soon.

I hope this clarifies things.

I am sleepy songs.